The German Innovation Awards honour to cross-industry products and solutions that differ from previous solutions primarily in terms of user centricity and added value. After all, innovations that create the future and improve life exist in all sectors. Sometimes you can see them at first glance - but often not. The German Innovation Awards want to change that. It makes outstanding achievements visible to a broad public and ensures successful positioning in the market.




Download the announcement document (PDF file). There you will find all the information about contest classes and categories, the submission procedure and fees:

Register for the competition German Innovation Award 2021 in our registration portal »My Design Council«.

Upcoming date:

Registration deadline

29 January 2021





Contest class

Contest class

Beauty & Care e.g. Body care, beauty products, wellness products
Drugstore Products e.g. Drugstore products, hygiene products
E-Business e.g. E-commerce systems
E-Mobility e.g. Mobility via electric motors
Entertainment Electronics e.g. Consumer electronics, TV, audio, video, photography, accessories
Fashion e.g. Clothing, shoes, accessories
Food & Beverages e.g. Food and beverages
Gardening & Tools e.g. Gardening equipment, gardening, tools, accessories for tools
Heating & Bathroom e.g. Bathrooms and plumbing, heating, air conditioning and energy technology
Household Appliances e.g. Household appliances, electrical appliances, household goods
Interior & Living e.g. Furniture, home textiles, wall and ceiling cladding, floor coverings
Kids & Toys e.g. Games, toys, kids’ products
Kitchen e.g. Kitchens, electrical appliances, kitchen accessories, kitchen utensils
Leisure & Crafts e.g. Leisure time products, hobbyists’ supplies, musical instruments
Lighting e.g. Luminaires and light sources
Luxury e.g. Exclusive products, luxury items
Medical & Health e.g. Pharmaceutical drugs, rehabilitation, patient care
Office & Stationery e.g. Paper, office supplies, writing implements
Public Space e.g. Street appurtenances, advertising technology, security systems, sanitary equipment for public facilities
Smart Living e.g. Smart metering, smart home
Transportation e.g. Automobiles, bicycles, motorbikes, autoaccessories, mobility service providers
Travel, Sports & Outdoor Goods e.g. Sports products and equipment, sports clothing, bags, suitcases, travel implements

Automotive Technologies e.g. Mobility technologies, auto and component solutions, auto safety
Aviation & Maritime Technologies e.g. Aviation and space travel technology, shipbuilding and maritime technology, rail vehicles, vehicles for public transportation
Building & Elements e.g. Construction materials, construction elements, paints, insulation, windows, building automation
Chemical Industry e.g. Special and fine chemicals
Connectivity e.g. The Internet of things, Industry 4.0
E-Mobility Technologies e.g. Systems, products and components for electrical mobility
Electronic Technologies e.g. Automation, measurement equipment, sensors
Energy Solutions e.g. Regenerative energy systems, energy generation, heating and cooling technology
Information Technologies | Functional Software e.g. Cloud solutions, data analytics, process management and production software, cyber security, virtual reality, sales and CRM solutions, education technologies
Information Technologies | Industry Specific and Service Software e.g. Financial technologies, smart facility, geospatial and touristic related technologies, gaming and media, product- and service software
Lighting Solutions e.g. Luminaires, lighting technology, projection, lighting management
Logistics & Infrastructure e.g. Passenger and cargo transport, storage, packaging
Machines & Engineering e.g. Durable goods, mechanisms, process and manufacturing technologies, robotics
Materials & Surfaces e.g. High-tech materials and coatings
Medical Technologies e.g. Medical technology, supplies for medical practices, medical products
Office Solutions e.g. Office supplies, business process and office technologies
Pharmaceuticals e.g. Pharmaceutical products, lab equipment
Retail & Trade Solutions e.g. Store appurtenances, display systems


Additional category

Apart from the opportunity to register projects under the categories listed above, all projects can also be registered under the overarching category called »DesignThinking«. Eligible projects are those that strive for innovation through more agile innovation methods such as design thinking, scrum, lean start-up or sprinting. That said, what we are primarily looking for are innovative achievements whose primary aim is to incorporate the relevant stakeholders into the development process and whose results prominently feature user-centricity. Projects that document the decisive difference between agile and participatory development processes have a shot at winning this very special prize.


Nominee label

As a Nominee, you are entitled to use the official Nominee label for your communication and promotion of the nominated project. You receive additional text modules that you can use for your communication.

Marketing Services

As a Nominee, you can order various products from our Marketing Services offering, such as acrylic glass certificates and cuboids made of acrylic glass.

You will receive two personalised Nominee documents.




Show your success: With unlimited use of the official Gold, Winner or Special Mention label, you receive an excellent seal of quality for your innovation achievement, awarded by an independent jury. You receive additional text modules that you can use for your communication.


You will receive two winner documents of the German Innovation Awards, including that will enable you to present your award effectively.

Marketing Services

Exclusive marketing products can be ordered for a fee as part of our marketing services.


All winners will be presented in our catalogue. Gold award winners will receive a 2-page presentation, Winner and Special Mention award winners a 1-page presentation. In addition, a specimen copy of the catalogue will be sent to each registrant by post after the awards ceremony.

Online gallery

More range of coverage for your innovation: All winners will be presented with text and images in our online gallery. In addition, we link to your company website, which increases visibility and traffic for you.

Public relations

Good communication is a basis for sustainable success. Through our accompanying public relations and customised media cooperations, your project will have an extensive media appearance. You benefit from our extensive communication through our extensive media distribution lists and social networks.

Social Media

All competition news will be published on the social media channels of the German Design Council with excellent images and can be further shared to generate valuable back links and attention.


Video clips

You receive short individual video clips about your awarded project, which you can share on your website and in your social media networks.

Awards ceremony

The festive awards ceremony in Berlin is the highlight of the competition and invites to cross sector networking.

Prize sculpture

Gold award winners receive a high-quality prize sculpture. These will be presented exclusively onstage during the awards ceremony.

Photo wall

It is possible to receive the winner documents in a frame and have them professionally photographed. The photos can be downloaded from our website.

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20 November 2020

Early bird

registration deadline

29 January 2021

Registration deadline

03 February 2021

Deadline for digital


10 February 2021

Jury session

18 May 2021

Publication of the award winners in the online gallery

18 May 2021

Awards ceremony



How the registration works:





Click on the registration button to access our online database »My Design Council«. There you register as a new participant and create your profile. Or you can log in with your existing access data.

Complete your profile and enter the following details about your innovation: project name, short description (German and English, max. 800 characters incl. spaces), one image (JPG, max. 10 MB), as well as details about customer/manufacturer/developer and category selection. Registration is possible in up to 3 categories of a contest class and the additional category.

As soon as you have completed all the details, you can complete your registration as a binding participant. Please note that participation in the competition and a possible award will entail fees and costs. More information about fees and services can be found here and in our announcement documents.

Use an upload link to upload a digital presentation of your innovation for the jury session by 3 February 2021 at the latest. Further information on the permitted file formats and the scope of your submission can be found in our announcement documents and in the factsheet for digital submission. If you wish, you may also fill out the questionnaire »Your innovation at a glance« with some market key figures about your innovation. However, experience has shown that this data allows the jury to assess your submission more quickly and accurately.

You will be informed of the results of the jury by e-mail. All award winners will be invited to the awards ceremony of the German Innovation Awards in Berlin in May 2021. We wish you much success!

Download the announcement document (PDF file). There you will find all the information about contest classes and categories, the submission procedure and fees:


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